The Creation of a Golden Orb

This idea was born from my love of Nature. The sphere and other natural shapes created by Nature have held my attention … well, since forever. Perfect forms falling from trees, pristine & fresh, bursting and sometimes sprouting, sometimes leaving behind a shell of what they were as they moved on in this world to do whatever it is that Forms in Nature do.

Ohh … the possibilities are endless and working with clay, especially Porcelain, allows me the freedom to create & build delicate forms that mimic the strength and frailty of Nature.

This is the first step in building my sculptures. I begin with tree bark to create that organic texture on the surface of an orb. Once I have that form built, the porcelain needs to rest. I refer to it as “moisture management moments.” It has taken me a long time to “read the clay.” There is no substitute for experience.

Applying texture to orb

Step 2: I fire them in my kiln.

Step 3: I glaze and fire them a second time. This batch is white glaze on the outside. I leave the inside unglazed.

Step 4: Apply 24k gold leaf.

The results … golden orbs. Delicate and strong. Pristine, bursting with energy & light. Pure magic, just as Nature intended them to be.

Michaele Lee Rose

About Michaelé Rose Watson

Michaelé Rose is an innovative, modern artist creating conceptual art in mixed media and a custom stained glass expert, specializing in Architectural Stained Glass Restoration.

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