Stained Glass Restoration & Preservation

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We can help restore your stained-glass windows to their original splendor. As experienced stained glass restoration experts in the re-leading, preservation, and conservation of older stained glass, these are some of the issues we address:

  • Window Survey – identify the window areas most critical for repair and restoration.
  • Faded Stained Glass – restore missing painted details and return your windows to their original brilliance.
  • Broken Solder Joints – Window leads and solder joints get brittle with age. Broken solder joints are a sign that a window needs restoration.
  • Bowed Windows – Daily fluctuations in atmospheric temperature cause stained glass to expand and contract. Repeated expansion and contraction can cause stained glass to bow.
  • Re-Lead Restoration – As stained glass ages, the lead within the window becomes brittle and/or oxidized. You may observe broken lead joints, bowed stained glass, or daylight streaming between exposed edges of lead and glass.
  • Damaged Windows – Did a windstorm leave a window shattered? Or maybe you just have a couple of broken pieces? We match glass colors, painted styles, and if necessary, reconstruct the artwork of damaged/missing stained glass.

Restoring Historic Luxfer Prism Transoms

Luxfer glass transoms were typically installed in the upper registers of windows in both industrial and commercial spaces. These ribbed, 4-inch square sheets of glass used refraction to illuminate large, deep spaces with natural light.

New Bern downtown architects and builders installed many of these to capture the natural light before electric lights were invented. Michaelé has restored four of these glorious turn-of-the-century works of art.

Restoring a Historic Transom

We specialize in stained glass repairs and restoration of stained glass patterns or scenes. Storms, dirt, neglect, and other factors, as well as the simple passage of time, all play a part in wearing stained glass. With proper color matching and careful attention to detail, chips, cracks, missing panes, and other problems can be repaired.

As experienced stained glass repair artists, we can carefully make these replacements and restore the strength and beauty of your piece or pieces of stained glass.

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