Wrinkles In Time & Folding The Past

I love working with porcelain and pondering conceptual thoughts and ideas. I always say to those who ask me what I love to do best and my answer is, “Being a conceptual-based artist creating sculptures.”

My day job is making and restoring stained glass windows, but my heart lives to ponder those lofty bursts of in site into the worlds we share or I could say, those worlds that “cross over” into our world.

This story: World traveler and International designer of homes and other spaces around the world, walked into Studio M, looked at “Wrinkles In Time” and “Folding The Past” and immediately said, “I have the perfect client for these. Please pack them for shipping.” Then she paid for them and said, “I’ll be back in 3 weeks, it that enough time for you to have them ready for me?” I paused and said, Yes!

A home in Colorado of all places (my birth state) is where she will be taking my sculptures.

I am already thinking about what my next “wrinkle in time” will look like as I reflect on this patron and what she will chose the next time she passed through New Bern.

Michaele Lee Rose

About Michaelé Rose Watson

Michaelé Rose is an innovative, modern artist creating conceptual art in mixed media and a custom stained glass expert, specializing in Architectural Stained Glass Restoration.

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