Tracy’s Belly Sculpture

Artwalk Opening, February 10, 2023. Artwalk is the second Friday of every month at the Craven Arts Council & Gallery in New Bern.

I submitted this sculpture for “HerStory” – an exhibition highlighting the female experience and what it means to be a woman. The title of this sculpture is “Tracy’s Belly.” I cast Tracy in her ninth month when she was with child. This sculpture is made of plaster and the interior is 24k pure gold. Inside the womb of every woman is the ability to carry the most precious gift of all and that gift is Life.

A woman’s body brings life and becoming a mother is the most precious gift we can offer to Mother Earth.   Just like gold, life is precious. Encapsulating this stage of life is a reminder of the fleeting time in creating a future possibility.

Michaele Lee Rose

About Michaelé Rose Watson

Michaelé Rose is an innovative, modern artist creating conceptual art in mixed media and a custom stained glass expert, specializing in Architectural Stained Glass Restoration.

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