St. Bartholomew Anglican Church Glass Panel Repair

The first time we repaired this beautiful Rosetta Stained Glass Panel was back in 1993. There were 14 bullet holes in random areas. Unfortunately, random attacks of vandalism to stained glass church windows with BB and other guns are not uncommon. At the time, this particular panel was in service at the little church on the 800 block of Pollock Street in New Bern. I repaired the Rosetta and it was reinstalled back at that little cute church.

About a decade later, a new building was built along Hwy 70 outside of James City, and when St. Bartholomew Anglican Church relocated, they made sure to include the exact window opening necessary to honor this Rosetta Panel in all its glory.

Fast forward 30 more years, I get a call from one of the church members telling me the stained glass panel is once again in need of repair. So, off we go to check out the situation only to discover the top of the panel is no longer being held under the molding but has slid down and kind of flopping loose. Quite strange indeed! So, we added a second molding to secure the panel at the top. The best part of this story is, no broken glass sections and we were able to see the inside of the new sanctuary. Oh my goodness! And you can see for yourself just how magnificent this Rosetta stained glass panel looks today.

Michaele Lee Rose

About Michaelé Rose Watson

Michaelé Rose is an innovative, modern artist creating conceptual art in mixed media and a custom stained glass expert, specializing in Architectural Stained Glass Restoration.

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