Faith, Hope and Love Chapel Progress

I started this project last fall, read Faith, Hope & Love Chapel Stained Glass Update. Here’s what’s happened since then:

September 9: Cutting glass for the chapel door. I absolutely love all the shades of blues and greens.

Cutting glass for chapel door
Cutting glass pieces for the chapel door

September 22: Every single one of these glass baubles will be wrapped in copper tape. I have 5 lbs. of baubles to wrap so for the next several days I will be doing this fabulously mindless activity.

September 25: Finished wrapping baubles and now figuring out a pleasing layout to surround this mouth-blown hand-made turquoise rondel.

September 29: Panel 2 of the EastCarolina Cancer Center’s Chapel’s 5 panels. There are so many baubles it will be difficult to make an accurate pattern until they are all in place. Once they are soldered I can finish the pattern and begin cutting the blues and greens around these baubles.

October 2: I begin with a pencil & eraser and once I am satisfied with every line, then I use a permanent marker over the pencil and then I can begin cutting the glass. I will be cutting for the next several days and this is where the magic happens.

October 5: Coming along … Mumfeast started this weekend and had lots of folks stopping by to check on the progress of the Chapel panels so I did more talking than working the last few days…

October 8: Finished cutting all the blues and greens and now I will be adding touches of brilliant color in small areas. This is the step where I will bring that lively spark, the soul of the window to life.

October 21: The leading process: Looking at the color blue all day long is the most calming and soothing experience ever. Making is like healing! Putting everything back where it belongs even though in reality your doing it for the first time. Ohhh, those random thoughts when you talk to yourself all day, every day. It’s called “know thy self.”

October 30: The door panel and one window panel are finished. Three more 8’ panels to make for the CarolinaEast Cancer Center Chapel in New Bern.

Michaele holding up door panel

Michaele Lee Rose

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